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Welcome to the EmpowerHeart Birthing Family

Supporting Mamas & Their Families in the Birthing of Their Babies, Their Families, Themselves & New Journeys, Intuitively & Heart-Centered, Every Step of the Way! 


Welcome! Are You Ready for the Adventure & Wholeness of Motherhood? The Journey Will Amaze You!

Our Birth Philosphy & Community

A New Kind of Online Childbirth Education & Support that Encompasses the Wholeness of the Motherhood & Parenthood Journey - I Will Meet You Where You're at on the Path!

Our birth philosophy is that birth is a natural, normal, family-centered, awe-inspiring and amazing adventure that a woman’s body innately knows how to navigate.  It is a journey through time that allows women to choose their own paths and create their own life-changing adventure through evidence-based childbirth education and support.  As a mama, an educator, a meditator, coach and most of all champion of birth, my journey is to empower you to give birth to your babies, new families and new adventures with a calm, empowered, heart-centered and intuitive confidence.  A confidence that will impact not only you and your babies but empower generations of women, families and communities to come. The EmpowerHeart Birthing Family is a new kind of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum education, support and coaching collective that combines evidence-based childbirth education based on Lamaze’s 6 Healthy Birth Practices with powerful postpartum, mama and family support and coaching that supports the wholeness of motherhood and your new family. Many families are educated and supported through pregnancy and birth but often feel the support drop off after bringing baby home. I am passionate about this postpartum period and ensuring you have all you need to make your

transition as a new family. Whether you are just starting your family journey, getting ready to birth your baby, have just given birth or it’s been a year or more since birth, the EmpowerHeart Birthing Community offers resources, tips, monthly education class series that include postpartum and breastfeeding basics education and coaching where you and your partner will work together to identify your own birth philosophy and pinpoint the many tools, healthcare and community support you may need.  You may want to join the The Intuitive Family Membership as an ongoing resource and support community.  The Intuitive Family Membership is a monthly membership community that provides a mama collective, masterclasses and topic experts on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting topics such as birth and postpartum doulas, feeding your baby, postpartum mental health, pregnancy and postpartum chiropractic care, essential oils, dynamic meditation, pelvic care and why it’s important, baby care and sleep essentials and numerous parenting topics, just to name a few.  So come on in, get calm and see what speaks to you on your birthing journey! I am honored you are here and look forward to helping you, no matter where you are at on your path! 



Welcome! How we see ourselves giving birth is unique to all to mamas and families with so many things to consider! Join me every Wednesday at 12 PM (EST)/ 9 AM (PST) for a FREE Find Your Birth Philosophy Mini-Class Webinar where each week, you will learn about a different birth choice and topic, childbirth education, creating your birth team and the questions you should be asking. This mini-class webinar is packed 90 minutes of birthing goodness and is great place to start no matter where you are at on your birthing journey!




These changing times call for supporting the wholeness of motherhood and parenthood in new ways! Explore all of our live, online monthly Lamaze childbirth education, feeding and lactation, postpartum classes and private coaching options! All classes include downloadable material and videos, LIVE, online, instruction and coaching, and a private Facebook group to encourage community, learning and to ask any question about your upcoming birth. All classes can be done in the comfort of your own home!



Yes, it’s true, it does take a village and mamas, babies, and families need even longer term support than needed before! The Intuitive Family Membership is a monthly membership that creates community and encompasses a deep dive into pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting topics each month! Whether you just found out you're pregnant, about to give birth, postpartum or in the full on parenting party this membership is has something for mamas and families no matter where you are at on your new family journey!


Learn all about your choices in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting in these free, live and online weekly mini-classes! You will learn about topics such as creating your healthcare and provider team, and overview of Lamaze childbirth education, informed and shared decision making, choices in childbirth, preparing for postpartum and more! These hour and a half mini-classes happen each Wednesday at 12 PM (EST)/ 9 AM (PST).


 Over the past 60 years, Lamaze has worked to advance safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting through evidence-based education and advocacy. Lamaze’s Fundamentals in Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting and the Six Healthy Birth Practices have helped thousands of families to have safe, healthy and transformative births. 

Labor and birth require physical and mental planning. Sometimes, moms and partners, you may find yourself too busy or too late in your pregnancy to take a longer in-depth childbirth education class (life happens and we totally understand!). This is why EmpowerHeart Birthing has partnered with Lamaze to offer additional online classes for parents with busy schedules or parents who just want to take ALL the classes and soak up every bit of baby and family knowledge they can! If you are unable to to join our monthly EmpowerHeart Birthing Childbirth Education class or our Intuitive Family Membership, this is a great option for you and your partner!

Explore Lamaze 

As a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I'm honored to be on this birth journey with you! Lamaze childbirth education and informed decision making are important first steps that will guide you not only through childbirth but also through parenthood and on your individual life journey. I'm here to serve you on this amazing path. Sometimes, figuring out where to start on your pregnancy journey, can be confusing. Lamaze's 6 Healthy Birth Practices and Decision Guides are a great place to begin!


Your baby’s birth story, the story of your becoming a mother, a parent and family are important and life changing. These are the stories you will be reliving and retelling to yourself, your loved ones and your children for decades to come. You will draw energy and confidence from these stories as you go on this amazing adventure of parenthood.

It is because of my own birth stories, both my own and my children’s that I am passionate about educating you and your family to have the safest and healthiest birth, no matter how your baby is birthed! It is also why I am equally as passionate about providing the postpartum support that so many moms, partners and families search for after bringing baby home. 

I am excited and honored to serve you as your birth guide! Navigating pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be exciting, challenging and can sometimes bring us to our knees. Sometimes, all of these occur at the same time! Certainly we find all of these emotions happening now as we navigate these new times in which we are living.  It is especially important  that you and your partner are educated in evidence-based childbirth and postpartum education and have access to loving support and coaching as you move through the transition of everything that it means to become a family!

I’m amazed everyday how the strength of positive, confident birth experiences coupled with loving support continue to positively impact and shape every step of the motherhood and family journey. It is the ray of calm and light in this challenging new world! My approach to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum education is based on everything I am, I know and have learned through my own Lamaze birth experiences, Lamaze Childbirth Educator Certification and my own amazing, humbling and sometimes complicated mom adventure! I’m not only a Lamaze baby myself from the 70’s but I gave birth to all three of my children using Lamaze’s six, safe and healthy birth practices. These practices and education not only helped me to navigate three VERY different birth experiences but proved vital in the postpartum time that followed. I  knew it was my purpose to help mamas and their families have all of the support needed in the birth of their baby. Lamaze’s core fundamentals teach parents how to safely and healthily birth their babies and how to navigate the many peaks and valleys that occur in the transition of becoming a family.

In each monthly group or private class series’ you and your partner will learn everything about labor and birth, breastfeeding basics, creating your healthcare support team, making informed decisions on your’s and your baby’s care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Although you may be pregnant for 9 months, you will be in the sacred postpartum time for longer and in some ways need more support. Many families are educated and supported through pregnancy and birth but often feel the support drop off after bringing baby home. I am passionate about this postpartum period and ensuring you have all of the support you need to make your transition as a new family. All of my childbirth education class series include a postpartum education class where you and your partner will work together to pinpoint the many tools, healthcare and community support you may need.

Right now, we are going through the challenging times and want you to know that you are supported during this happy and joyful time of birthing your baby and new family. Focusing on new life is so important no matter what times we are going through, it keeps us hopeful for the promise of new beginnings. Thank you for including me in your new beginning!

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